Best Free Email Accounts And Alternatives For You

Best free email accounts

Be it the year 2020 where the world talked more about health-related issues, or any year, the best free email accounts will always stay a priority.

Best Free Email Accounts

Virtually, every one of us is on social media today in one way or the other. It draws a bulk of internet services too. It’s more than easy to connect on such platforms and stay in touch with each other. However, the good old emailing service is still alive and kicking.

Today, most email services are free. And in this article, we have listed some of the top free and best email accounts. Remember, there are quite a few to choose from. Even though emailing today is almost free, there are paid services too for business sections. But these options will make you a great email solution guide.

However, do remember that there’s always some room for improvement. So, the services mentioned here can be made better in some way. Now, let’s get started with the best free email accounts list.

Gmail – the Email Service from Google

No wonder if we are starting our list with the best in the world – Gmail. That’s the emailing service from Google and hence Gmail. That’s the emailing service from Google and hence Gmail. It’s one of the most used emailing services in the world. And because it comes from the house of Google, the trust factor is always there.

As of this year, there are 4.03 billion email users worldwide. And according to Techjury, Gmail commands a cool 43% market share of the email services. Don’t forget, the 15GB storage you get plays a key part in the huge volume of users. Having said that, let’s take a look at some top features of Gmail.

Top Features of Gmail

Configuring the tabbed “Inbox” into “Primary”, “Updates”, “Promotions”, “Social”, and “Forums” allows you to organize your emails in a better way.

You can undo a sent email in case you need to rectify, correct, or add something that you missed by chance.

Exceptional spam filtering making your inbox safe without unneeded emails.

Group email strings help in understanding the appropriate context when reviewing messages.

With Gmail, you can access your emails offline too.

Regular iOS and Android updates to keep the app up-to-date and safe.

iCloud Mail – Email Service for Apple Users

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As the very first word of the service’s name suggests, the emailing service is exclusive to Apple users. This means you should either be using an iPhone or a Mac. Assuming you already have an account with Apple, you can log on to with any of your aforementioned devices with your Apple ID. Once you are done, the floodgates of one of the best free email accounts are now open for you.

As this service comes from the house of Apple, you are guaranteed safe and secure online communication. Being a simple interface to use, the iCloud Mail doesn’t make it too complicated to use. Things are pretty much straightforward and self-explanatory. And yes, there are Setup instructions for you as well, in case you get stuck anywhere.

Top Features of iCloud Mail

Having three aliases makes it more flexible to work with.

For extra security, Apple has kept your Apple ID and iCloud email ID different.

Apple offers 5GB of storage, though it’s not pretty much these days.

However, Apple offers a feature called “Mail Drop”, where you can share quite huge files easily.

The best part is iCloud Mail is entirely ad-free.

Outlook – the Outstanding Email Service from Microsoft

According to Email Client Market Share, as of October 2020, Outlook stood at number 4 having 10% of the market share. Those who had been in touch with the emailing service since early on will know that it’s one of the best free email accounts. And in the earlier days, it was Hotmail followed by

Even today, Outlook remains one of the better choices when it comes to searching for a trustworthy email service. And Microsoft has always paid attention to the users’ online safety. As you would expect, Outlook supports major platforms like iOS, Windows, and of course, Android.

Top Features of Outlook

One of the best features of Outlook is “Focused Inbox”. It means it allows you to focus only on crucial and important emails only.

Like Gmail, Outlook too offers you 15GB storage space for free.

Email encryption ensures your information is always secure.

Outlook allows adding as many as 20 more email accounts to your current account giving you more flexibility.

Integration with Office Online is effortless.

If you are a regular Skype user, you can easily incorporate Outlook so it enhances your experience with Skype chat support as well.

Yahoo! Mail – Yahoo!’s Free Email Service

Yahoo! is one of the older names when it comes to getting the best free email accounts. It has been kind of two decades for them around. Such a long duration has given them the advantage of progressing and making corrections in their services faster and quicker. But obviously, the competition for them has gone up too.

And that’s why Yahoo! is offering as much as 1 TB of storage space. This is incredibly huge when it comes to storing your emails only. And this could be one of the prime reasons why Yahoo! has a chunk of email account holders. So, how many? Well, 225 million active monthly users as of January this year, according to

Top Features of Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo! allows connecting nearly 50 mailboxes and use them via their platform making it crazily flexible.

1 TB of storage is the main highlight of Yahoo! Mail, making it one of the truly best free email accounts to operate.

Though Yahoo! Mail is supported by ads, you can reduce its number for a time giving you a real usage experience.

Another feature of the service is that you can add nearly 10 “send-only” email addresses to one account.

Though Yahoo! Mail is comparatively older, it has developed itself and made it modern by making it look sleek and trendy.

AOL Mail – Your Destination for Unlimited Storage

Like Hotmail, AOL Mail too was one of the firsts when it comes to the best free email accounts thing. Actually, it was in the mid-1990s that the service got recognition in the US. That’s why you can call it a fatherly figure in the business hands down. Many people used to know, well some might still know it, as America Online.

One of the top features of AOL Mail was its “unlimited storage”. And that was probably enough to attract the attention of potential users. This helped them also get a market share of the competition as well. The best thing here is that your email account is entirely cost-free. That takes you in a win-win situation always.

Top Features of AOL Mail

Add filters to control your incoming emails. This makes it easy to organize your inbox quite easily.

Of course, the unlimited storage option is sufficient to attract any potential user who always needs more and more storage.

A to-do checklist is there in AOL Mail. Of course, it assists you fairly enough with your emailing activity. No hassles of keeping things in mind.

There’s also a membership option. But it’s optional. However, if you go for it, you get ad-free interactive experience.

As with emailing services we see these days, AOL Mail has general personalization to go with too. And yes, don’t forget, you can tweak your layout too.


We have gone only for the five best free email accounts to talk about. There are more to it, like Yandex Mail, ProtonMail, Tutanota, and Mailfence among many others. Also, the features we talked about are just the tip of the iceberg. So, do check out the features and the storage services are offering. They might change without prior notice.

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