Rail Route is an upcoming train dispatcher simulator with a demo up

Think you have what it takes to control complex train routes? The train dispatcher simulator Rail Route looks thoroughly interesting, and you can even try an early demo.

In the game you will be tasked with negotiating contracts, building railroads, setting up routes for trains and controlling the traffic. As you go you will unlock more features of the dispatcher interface, upgrade the railway network itself and add in a little automation.

When you start off you will be in charge of manual routing, clicking around signals and ensuring trains actually get to where they’re supposed to be. From there, you will be able to unlock automated routing to help with busy train traffic and when the lines start getting complex. You need money though to do anything, which comes in the form of contracts to fill up your schedule and run trains across your lines.

It has a level editor too, so you can create whatever you want and perhaps replicate a local line you love.

The team at Bitrich have been updating the demo recently too, which you can try free on itch.io. You can also wishlist it on Steam. One big focus of their current effort is on an overhaul of the user interface, which they blogged about on their official site and it’s looking pretty slick and much nicer than the current demo UI:

Article taken from GamingOnLinux.com.

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