GNOME launches the GNOME Circle program to widen developer outreach

GNOME is a lot more than a Linux desktop environment, and the GNOME Foundation are now trying to entice a few more developers to take a look with GNOME Circle. This is part of their attempt to redefine what is and isn’t official GNOME software, something they talked about back in May 2020 as it can at times be confusing.

With the announcement of GNOME Circle, this is their new official branding for partner initiatives that are no longer required to be hosted by GNOME or follow their development rules. The idea is to lower some barriers, and get more people working together and form new relationships. To be part of it projects need to be open source and use the GNOME platform.

Circle projects end up with some sweet benefits like promotion from GNOME, membership into the GNOME Foundation which can provide developers with sponsorship and funding for various activities and lots more.

Commenting on the initiative, GNOME Foundation Executive Director Neil McGovern said “Independent developers do fantastic work using the GNOME platform, and I’m thrilled that the GNOME Foundation is going to be supporting more of them than ever before. With GNOME Circle, we’re excited to be growing the GNOME community and building a stronger and more vibrant developer ecosystem.”

You can see the new GNOME Circle website here.

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