Best New WoW Shadowlands Hunter Pets and Changes

While all World of Warcraft classes get changes every expansion, there are ones where certain classes get more than others. For Shadowlands, there’s no other class that got as much attention as the Hunter, as it received significant improvements when it comes to its pets. Here’s a guide on the new content for the beastmasters, as well as the best Shadowlands hunter pets this time around.

These improvements aren’t just in terms of quality, but also in quantity. Yes, hunters will have more pets and pet families. To accommodate this particular major change, the number of slots on hunter stables has been increased to 200. The stable frame has been improved, allowing you to see all 200 slots on the screen at the same time rather than having to flip through pages like you used to.

The Alpaca

The Camel family includes the namesake animal and its cousin, the alpaca. They don’t have a lot of appearances to choose from and there aren’t any special rares. But hey, they can attack enemies–a rather convenient excuse to humiliate your enemies by having them killed by a cuddly animal. Last but definitely the most important reason alpacas are among the best Shadowlands hunter pets is because they make a sound when you click on them.

Aside from new pet families, some pet families are getting new members, and many of them have easily become one of the best pets for the expansion.

Examples include maw roaches, which are more like arachnids because they have eight legs, all of which have blue tips. Another would be transport fleshrocs, which are now giant undead hunter birds that are now joining the Birds of Prey family.

Last but definitely not least for the new inclusions are the Satiated Sawtooth in the chimera family. There are many others, as well as families getting more than one new members, such as the Hound family.

New Spirit Beast: Elgon

If you didn’t like the fact that the game didn’t introduce a new Spirit Beast last expansion, then good news: Shadowlands is going to bring hunters Elegon, an oriental-esque constellation dragon. He’s the second to the last boss in the Mogu’shan Vaults raid, which you can find in Pandaria. With a design like that, it should be no surprise why he’s found at such a place.

Also, you can take him on as early as level 50, giving those that are more than willing to stray a little from grinding to the level cap a great edge. It also helps that you can solo your way to him, which means aside from being too focused on hitting the cap real quick, there’s really no real hurdle that should stop you from taming him.

Head in the Cloud Serpents

We’re still not done with Pandaria-related hunter perks, as aside from Elegon, Shadowlands will give hunters the chance to tame Cloud Serpents, which are also like your traditional oriental dragon. To be able to command these mystical beasts, you’ll need the How to School Your Serpent tome. Except for Pandarens, which can tame these creatures naturally and therefore have no need for the tome.

Best WoW Shadowlands Hunter Pets for Ferocity, Tenacity, and Cunning

Also, in case you missed Battle for Azeroth and only jumped back to the game in Shadowlands, you’ll be pleased to know that pets now have three specializations. While they deal the same damage and have the same health, they all vary in offensive, defensive, and utility potentials.

Also, each of them has their own abilities, and the names of the specializations already tell what they are for. For Ferocity, which is perfect for offense, there’s Primal Rage, which increases the group’s haste for 30% to 40%; Predator’s Thirst, which gives you and your pet 10% leech. Good choices for these would be Coursers, such as Fel Beasts.

For Tenacity, a defensive choice that’s perfect for dungeons and raids, has Survival Instinct, which reduces the damage you and your pet take by 20%, and Endurance Training, boosting you and its health. Perfect examples of these are Mammoths, Shadowlands’ new addition to the game. It should be obvious that these towering ancient elephants are tough.

Last but definitely not least, Cunning has Master’s Call, which removes all root and slowing effects on your pet and yourself, and can also be used to recall a pet back to you; and Pathfinding, which increases both of your movement speed by 8%. Once again, the Camel is a prime example of this. Yes, another reason to go for the alpaca.

Endnote on the Best WoW Shadowlands Hunter Pets

These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the changes to the Hunter in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. So, if you’re a Hunter, then it’s your time to shine. On the other hand, if you’ve only taken interest in this class recently, now’s the perfect time to go for it.

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