Apple Could Bring Force Touch To The MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar

From what we can tell, Apple’s ambitions for pressure-sensitive displays on their mobile devices are pretty much dead, even when it comes to wearables like the Apple Watch where it first debuted. However, it could possibly continue to live on in Apple’s computing devices like the MacBook Pro.


According to a recently discovered patent, it has been suggested that Apple is apparently looking into incorporating Force Touch to the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar area. Right now, Force Touch is present in the MacBooks via the trackpad where Apple has removed the physical click of the trackpad, replacing it with a haptic sensor and giving it Force Touch capabilities.

It would be an interesting implementation if it were brought to the Touch Bar, although we imagine that this could run into the same issues as the iPhone implementation, where not all apps might necessarily choose to use it, and as such, it might go largely undiscovered and under utilized.

While Apple did not mention why they removed the feature from its iPhones, it’s not hard to see why due to the reasons we mentioned above. We’re not sure if implementing it into Touch Bar would enhance the feature, but given that this is a patent, we suppose it’s anyone’s guess as to whether or not Apple will make it a reality.

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