9 Best Games Like Pixie Hollow For A Virtual Treat

Pixie Hollow was a game which offered its players a fun experience that was a combination of gaming, socializing, and customizing the look of the player. This game was a visual treat especially for young girls and young teens as it offered a 2D experience allowing its player to create their own fairy as per their imagination and creativity. The game was a franchise of Tinkerbell and the player needed to explore the fairy world based on the Pixie hollow. Within this wonderland of fairies, the players could also play mini-games, decorate their fairy homes, and even make friends with other fairy friends. This game was packed with side activities, quests, and games promising ours of gameplay. However, unfortunately back in 2013, the game was shut down by Disney despite being popular in its targeted demography and many requests by fans. Games like Pixie hollow used to offer interesting browser-based articles for young teens and children giving them the much-needed exposure and opportunity to communicate and socialize with children of the same age. Although Pixie hollow is no longer available, we have mentioned a list of top 9 games that are very similar to Pixie Hollow.

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Lady Popular

It is a game like Pixie hollow that allows you to lead and assume responsibility for life inside the game where you can contend in a manner field, beautify your own loft, make companions and shuffle beaus. The player can make their own symbol and spruce up them according to their own decision. As the player advances through each level, they can open more choices in hair tone, skin tone, haircuts, and garments and so on permitting more customization in their looks. The player can investigate through discos, style fields, furniture store, beauty parlours, pet shops, festivals and that’s just the beginning.


This game is explicitly intended for youngsters and kids with an assortment of components that incorporates pretending. It was delivered in 2007 and is possessed by Individual PLC. This game spotlights on various islands that are more than 30 in number. On these islands, the players can mess around, convey, total missions and investigate the spot. Each island has an exceptional topic like shark tooth island, spy island, or superpower island. Each culmination of the mission procures you a unique identification and acknowledges in-store also. Poptropica is a game like Pixie hollow that gives a protected gaming experience where you can make a name utilizing foreordained expressions and associate with individuals.

Moviestar Planet

Everybody fantasies about turning into a celebrity at one point in their carries on with particularly the children and youngsters. Celebrity planet lets the children experience that as it is a fun and safe game for youngsters to encounter that. It is a game like Pixie hollow and it very well may be played across different stages. This game takes a shot at an exceptionally uncommon sort of mingling and being imaginative. The player can modify their looks, associate with different players, and even make their own film. On the off chance that the player likes inventive interactivity where they can go through their creative mind to dress their symbols, make motion pictures and make companions and associate with new individuals, at that point Famous actor planet will unquestionably give another experience.


If you are a dog lover and want to spend more time and indulge in the world of your paw friends, then this game like pixie hollow is your best fit. This game is a combination of socializing and adopting your own dog while playing interesting games and carrying out activities. You can participate in a dog lover’s community and enjoy the life of a dog owner. The game offers over 50 types of the breed to choose from a range off chihuahua, terrier, German shepherds, or pugs in small, medium, or large sizes. You can raise the dog by giving it food, taking to dog shows, and showering with plenty of attention. As your dog grows and makes puppies, you can continue the cycle again. While doing all this, you can socialize with new people and share photos, ask questions and tell storiez.


The gameplay of Horzer is similar to that Dogzer with the only difference being you raise a horse instead. Now you can live your dream of owning a horse while socializing with people with similar interest. The player can choose from an option of over 24 breeds that have their own stats that dictate the area Hozer. You can give your horse a name and choose a colour for it. After selecting the horse, you are taken to a community of horse lovers. You can show off your horse and take part in equestrian activities and win prizes. Other than the horse, the player also needs to manage and take care of the stable, riding instructor, and vet. This game provides the best experience for gamers and horse lovers.

Kingdom Island

This virtual world adventure is a unique combination of customizing the look, making new friends, and gaming. The player can explore a large island while making new friends on the way. The island has a plethora of interesting locations like volcanoes, beach, harbour, castles, and theatres. You can visit those places and meet new people and make friends. Your character is a dragon and you can customize your avatar by changing colours or even purchase accessories using the silver coins which you can find during your gameplay on the ground or by playing games. The accessories include shoes, hairstyles, and hats. The game also offers a chance to chat with our friends and you can socialize using a number of handy features.

Animal Jam

This game is like pixie hollow on the web yet with a marginally unique setting lets kids find the set of all animals as animal jam incorporates genuine plants and creature realities fused in a pleasant storyline sponsored by the national geographic content. The inquisitive cat in the child’s brain will be permitted to find diverse virtual areas with plenty of social and gaming components. The creature jam was first launched in 2010 and immediately won the hearts of children around the globe as they entered the energizing universe of Jamaa and met their new animal and plant companions and investigated different geographies.

Secret Builder

This game unravels a virtual world for children between age 5-14 age and enters into an interesting world where they find underneath fun and indulge into addicting gameplay. The game offers educational content as well. The player can spend time while making new friends, playing different mini-games, and creating a unique avatar as per their wish. The games include quest, pets, artworks contest, and home decoration. The child learns about literature, science, arts through interactive quizzes, games, and interactions. The game helps the child to grow his knowledge and skills while enjoying fun gameplay.

The previously mentioned are some top games like Pixie Hollow that will take you to an energizing universe of virtual mingling and games where you can make companions, talk, appreciate little competitions, games and increment your levels and open new highlights. Make a plunge in the universe of virtual investigation where you can meet companions and put your innovativeness on a test, in a pleasant method obviously. Virtual games are in extraordinary interest in this day and age as are the games in the class of reenactment and virtual world undertakings. The games we have referenced in the rundown above are viable with most gadgets and guarantees a stunning and energizing gaming experience.

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