Multiple Destinations needs added to navigation.

tl;dr at end.

So I am a r/pcmasterrace guy and work in IT, for the longest time I refused to use Apple anything (cause I just followed the community trend of Apple=Bad). Then my work bought me a phone for business use and it was the iPhone 11. I loved it. So much so I got a Apple Watch 5, iPad Pro 12.9 with the Apple Pencil, Apple TV 4K, just purchased the new M1 MacBook Air and got my wife and oldest child into the apple world as well. My personal phone I switched from Samsung Note 9 to iPhone 11 Pro Max and haven’t looked back.

So for the most part I love everything about their ecosystem but one of the biggest problems for me is in Maps. While I love everything about it, it is missing one key feature; Multi Destination Navigation.

Due to my work and personal life I regularly travel with more than one or even two destinations in new areas. So having the ability to put in my main destination or end destination and then add a gas station, restaurant and other stops and get the best route, ETA, etc is really important for me. I find myself having to keep Google Maps on my phone for when I do that and it’s quite often. I’ve really tried to de-google myself and I hate keeping this one app.

tl;dr and questions:

So I just wonder if there are any talks of them adding this feature or if others even want it? Has this been a common complaint? Any hopes of it happening? Well let me know what you think and thanks for your input!

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