Gadgets – Introduction

People have always loved gadgets. In ancient times, alongside important tools and machines such as levers and wheels, people also invested gadgets, gizmos, widgets and devices to make life easier and more fun. Many gadgets were novelties that came and went, used just for entertainment. But others took on more serious uses and became part of everyday life, such as the abacus, alarm clock and microwave oven.


Higher Tech

The story of gadgets follows the march of technology. The calculator began thousands of years ago as rows of pebbles, then wooden beads on wires, followed by hand-cranked mechanical versions, and then an electric motor design. From the 1940s, electronics and microchips not only shrank the calculator to pocket size but also started a whole new area for gizmology. It has led to the ultimate gadget of our times- the computer.

No Limits?

Will there come a time when all possible gadgets have been invented? That’s very doubtful. Few people 25 years ago predicted the success of sorts-playing computers that keep you active, brain-training video consoles, car satnavs and internet-enabled, do-everything mobile phones. What will the next 25 years bring? Perhaps a new generation of plug-in brain chips, a TV screen fitted inside the eyeball and thought-wave communicators.

We can be sure of one thing- people will always want the most cutting-edge gadgets, so the well-warn phrase ” I want one of those” will always survive!

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