Disruptor Disrupts Sony PlayStation – November 30th, 1996 – Today in Video Game History

Disruptor Insomniac Games Universal Interactive PlayStation PSOne

Disruptor may not seem like a catalyst release on Sony PlayStation today. The place in history this game holds is due to the developer, not the game itself. This is the first game that Insomniac Games developed. Maybe you recognize them for their work on Spyro the Dragon on PlayStation. Maybe you are more familiar with their work on the Ratchet and Clank on PlayStation 2. No matter where you know Insomniac Games from, their start was here with Disruptor. This was a First-Person Shooter that took chances. Some paid off, some did not.

3DO original becomes PlayStation exclusive

Early on, Disruptor was planned to be published on the 3DO console. Since the 3DO was so cheap to get started work on, the team that became Insomniac Games started there.

Disruptor Universal Interactive Insomniac Games PlayStation

Publishers would repeatedly turn down taking on Disruptor. That is until it was presented to Universal Interactive. Since the 3DO was on the downturn the Sega Saturn and Sony PlayStation were looked at as logical steps forward. It is obvious which platform won that battle.

Yep, without 3DO there might never have been a Spyro the Dragon. There would still be a Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales on PlayStation 5 but it surely would look different. Wild to think about, huh? Naughty Dog is another studio that came to the forefront because of 3DO. Imagine gaming without Jak and Daxter or Crash Bandicoot.

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Disruptor is a sign of the times

Considering Disruptor was released in 1996, we see a lot of signs of that era of gaming. There are Full-Motion Video scenes full of cheese filled performances. Draw-in in the actual game is quite bad, even compared to other games of this period. There is no looking up or down so lots of faith put into the auto aim.

Disruptor Universal Interactive Insomniac Games PlayStation

There is a fair bit of variety with the enemies though. Still, at the end of the day, we have a sci-fi based Doom II clone style affair. Disruptor did what it needed to do in a quickly getting crowded market.

Original or nothing

It is not quite clear who owns the rights to Disruptor, Universal Interactive or Insomniac Games. No matter who it is, an updated release or re-release of the original seems unlikely. That leaves picking up a copy from eBay and just enjoy some 90’s cheese filled First-Person Shooter goodness.

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