Xiaomi Deerma Smart Fog-Free Humidifier goes official for $75 price tag!

Xiaomi is one of those brands that end up launching products in an abundance every year. The Chinese smartphone maker has already invested in numerous brands and tends to launch a bunch of useful products in collaboration with them. Unlike its own products, Xiaomi prefers to do crowdfunding campaigns for its other ecological chain of companies. One such product is Deerma Smart Fog-Free Humidifier. If you’re hearing about Deerma for the first time, then you should know that the brand has a plethora of home and lifestyle products. In the past, Xiaomi has launched products such as hairdryer, meat grinder, and vacuum cleaner under the Deerma brand.

Xiaomi Deerma Smart Fog-Free Humidifier: Specs, Features

Xiaomi Deerma Smart Fog-Free Humidifier

A humidifier has slowly become a must-have home or lifestyle product especially to those who are sensitive towards dry air. The purpose of any humidifier is to add moisture to the surrounding air. Using a humidifier, you can rid of dryness of the skin, nose, throat, and lips. The Deerma Smart Fog-Free Humidifier comes with a running water spray having a 510ml/h capacity. The other key highlight is the 21-layer folding filter element.

Xiaomi’s take on humidifier makes use of evaporation of natural water that results in nano-water molecules. These molecules make it hard for bacteria and particles to attach. You then get a clean and humid airflow without any polluting elements. Under the hood, you will find a circulating water pump-like structure that diverts the water to the top of the filter element. The water is then sprayed from top to bottom moistening the filter element. With this, the water tank will also avoid breeding of bacterias.

Xiaomi Deerma Smart Fog-Free Humidifier

Xiaomi Deerma Smart Fog-Free Humidifier

Just like most Xiaomi products, the Deerma Smart humidifier also comes with minimal and modern aesthetics. It’s somewhat compact in design meaning you can easily place it on your work table. You can control the humidifier using the MIJIA application. Using the app, you will be able to turn off/on the device easily. You will also be able to adjust humidification volume at your fingertips. Lastly, the app will also remind you whenever the water level is low so that you can replenish it in a timely manner.

Price, Availability

Coming to the price tag, Xiaomi Deerma Fog-Free Smart Humidifier comes with a price tag of 499 Yuan (i.e. roughly $75). You can pre-order the product at Xiaomi’s YouPin crowdfunding platform. If you go with pre-booking, you will have to shell out 469 Yuan which is roughly $71.

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