LibTron is collections of small libraries that help in making android apps fun and efficient. This library extensively use the magic of Kotlin such as its type-safety and language features to provide maximum developer satisfaction

Each library has been designed to have a small footprint and be as efficient as possible.

All the Android libraries

  • SharedprefDelegates: Type safe ways to read and write from Sharedpreferences in Android.
  • UiStateLib: Easy way to represent Network responses in Loading, Success and Failure state.
  • PropertyDelegates: Type safe ways to access properties from Intent and Bundle.


Gradle instructions

Project build.gradle

allprojects {
 repositories {
  maven { url '' }

Gradle dependency for SharedprefDelegates:

App build.gradle

implementation 'com.github.atulgpt.LibTron:sharedprefdelegates:0.0.2'

Gradle dependency for UiStateLib:

App build.gradle

implementation 'com.github.atulgpt.LibTron:uistatelib:0.0.2'

Gradle dependency for PropertyDelegates:

App build.gradle

implementation 'com.github.atulgpt.LibTron:propertydelegates:0.0.2'

New versions notifications

Releases are announced on GitHub, you can subscribe by clicking on “Watch”, then “Releases only”.

Improve this library

If you want this library to have a new feature or an improvement in a new or in an existing module, please, open an issue or vote/comment a similar one first, so it can be discussed.

Documentation contributions are also welcome. For typos or other small improvements, feel free to submit a PR (pull request) directly. For more significant doc contributions, please, open an issue first so it can be discussed.

If you find a bug, please open an issue with all the important details. If you know a simple fix that is not API breaking and that does not have side-effects that need to be considered, you may also directly submit a PR.

Developed By

Atul Gupta – [email protected]


This library is published under Apache License version 2.0 which you can see here.

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