T-Mobile’s latest promo offers a free voice line

If yesterday’s rumor about a T-Mobile free voice line deal caught your interest, you should know that the offer is real and it’s now available.

T-Mobile is now offering a free voice line to customers who have at least two paid voice lines on an eligible plan. If you qualify, you can activate a new voice line and have it covered by monthly bill credits. It’ll remain free for as long as you maintain on your qualifying plan and line count.

There are several rate plans that qualify for this deal. According to TmoNews, they include Magenta and Magenta Plus, Business Unlimited, T-Mobile One and OnePlus, T-Mobile Essentials, and Simple Choice. Plans that are not eligible include Military, First Responder, Unlimited 55, and promo plans that already have free additional voice lines.

Getting a free voice line that remains free for as long as you stick with your current plan is a pretty great deal. This promo is a nice opportunity to add a family member like a child or a parent to your plan since you’ll be able to do it for no extra charge.

There’s no word yet on how long this deal will be around, but previous iterations were short-lived so you should jump on this soon if you’re interested in getting a free voice line of your own. Just contact T-Mobile’s support to get the ball rolling.

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