New Samsung Galaxy Buds reportedly launching soon with ANC and better sound

The Galaxy Buds Live may have launched just a few months ago, but according to a new report, Samsung is planning on releasing a new pair of truly wireless earbuds soon.

A new pair of Galaxy Buds will launch alongside the Galaxy S21 in January, according to a new report from SamMobile. These earbuds aren’t meant to replace the Buds Live, but instead will be in-ear ‘buds that are a new version of the Galaxy Buds+ that debuted early in 2020.

Today’s report says that these new Galaxy Buds will include active noise cancellation, a feature that the Galaxy Buds+ lack. And while the Galaxy Buds Live do have ANC, these new Galaxy Buds could offer better noise cancellation because they’ll use an in-ear design to give you a better seal and block more outside noise.

The upcoming Galaxy Buds will also purportedly have better sound quality and an improved Ambient Mode, a feature that pipes outside noise into your earbuds to help you hear what’s going on around you.

There’s no word yet on what the new Galaxy Buds might be called, but “Galaxy Buds Beyond” is mentioned as a possibility. Likewise, it’s not yet known how much these new Galaxy Buds might cost. The Galaxy Buds+ launched at $149 earlier this year, so next year’s version could come with a similar price tag.

We reviewed the Galaxy Buds Live earlier this year and found a lot to like, including a comfortable fit and good sound. However, the active noise cancellation wasn’t great, so if that’s an important feature for you, Samsung’s next Galaxy Buds could be worth watching for.

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