The HUAWEI Sound X delivers premium audio in a slick package

The HUAWEI Sound X pumps out high-quality audio while looking great in the home. With a single tap, you can pair your phone with the HUAWEI Sound X for music, video, games, and every other audio experience you enjoy.

Set-up is an absolute breeze. The box comes with a variety of plugs, keeping you connected in whatever region of the world you’re in. A mesh bag is included to help transportation when needed. The NFC icon acts as a clear target for your phone, so you can tap and be paired up over Bluetooth quickly and easily. On the top of the HUAWEI Sound X is a touch panel for adjusting volume, which can also light up in time with your music.

Screen Shot 2020 11 24 At 8.34.39 Pm

Screen Shot 2020 11 24 At 8.34.39 PmSource: Huawei

The HUAWEI Sound X sports dual 20 mm subwoofers engineered by Devialet. They crank out bass as low as 40 Hz, which is enough to help you feel the music as it plays. The HUAWEI Sound X fills the room with up to 93 dB of clear, 360-degree sound via six tweeters. Lossless audio formats are supported thanks to Hi-Res Audio certification.

Internally, the subwoofers are designed in a push-push configuration. This places them back-to-back, so when they play simultaneously, the force of their movement counteracts one another to reduce distortion. Despite the big sound, the overall footprint is quite small. At 16.5 cm across and 20 cm tall, you can easily tuck the HUAWEI Sound X onto a shelf.

Screen Shot 2020 11 24 At 8.36.07 Pm

Screen Shot 2020 11 24 At 8.36.07 PmSource: Huawei

Overall, you’ll have a hard time finding a classier, easier-to-use Bluetooth speaker for the home. The sound quality is crisp and deep enough to appreciate every nuance of your favorite music.

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