Jeff Benjamin: The iPhone 12 mini is, in my honest opinion, the best looking and best functioning smartphone that I’ve experienced in years

I tried all of the new phones except the 12 pro, and I’m back to a mini as my final choice.

With regular phone use the battery is more than enough. I have yet to experience a situation where I needed to plug in before bed, however if I ever do I’m around plugs and chargers all day. I usually end the day with at least 30% remaining, and that is off the charger at 7am and back on around midnight.

My usage includes a ton of phone calls, a normal amount of text messages, browsing, social apps, some photos, 35 minutes of GPS use (Runkeeper), NYT crossword puzzle, music and podcast listening.

My SOT time is usually around 4.5 hours a day.

Yesterday was a light day of use and when I went on my phone after my kids were asleep I had 52% remaining.

This is the perfect phone for my use situation. I love the way it looks and handles. I also never thought I’d appreciate a phones WEIGHT until I started carrying this thing around.

I also really liked the regular 12, however my decision to stick with the mini was because I found I really didn’t need to have 50% left in the tank after a days use – and that the form factor of the mini was the more appealing option. It doesn’t make a difference whether I finished with 30% in the tank (mini) or 50% in the tank (regular 12) – I would be charging overnight regardless.

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