Iphone 8 plus in 2020?


So I recently switched to apple and bought an Xr and a watch 3…and my father (who is a lifelong android user) really likes my “setup” so he decided he also would love to try the apple ecosystem. He doesn’t want to spend much because he isn’t sure that he will like IOS so we thought a used iPhone 8 plus with a watch 4 would be perfect for him for now.

He only uses his phone for phone calls, web browsing, YouTube and messaging and he also would love to get a phone with good battery life. My questions are: is the 8 plus enough in 2020 ( i think its more than enough)? How the battery life on ios 14 and if he likes it can he use it for another 2-3 years?

I’m not a native speaker so sorry if I made any mistakes.

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