Newest Black Ops Cold War update reverses MP5 nerfs

Any multiplayer first-person-shooter is going to have its issues within the first couple of weeks. For Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, that issue has been the MP5, the iconic submachine gun that has become a staple of modern shooters. Players already know that the gun is massively overpowered — with the right attachments it’s a laser at any distance, and its high fire rate makes it devastating up close. To remedy this, Treyarch rolled out a patch to nerf the weapon. However, a second update for Black Ops Cold War reverted that nerf, bringing the MP5 back to its unadulterated, overpowered glory.

Nerf this

The nerf for the MP5 was applied earlier today in a patch that introduced changes to other weapons as well. The FEAR1 assault rifle got some more recoil and reduced damage, and the tactical-as-ever M16 lost some of its firing speed and damage as well. Still, the biggest changes came to the MP5, which saw a reduction in its base effective damage range by 33 percent and more initial recoil that will make it harder to stay consistently on target. However, these changes were somehow unintentionally reverted, and will have to be put back in place in a later update.

Beyond nerfs and buffs for various guns, the first patch for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War includes a host of general changes that players should notice the next time they boot the game up. The most notable of these changes is to the game’s scorestreaks, which have seen value changes and either buffs or nerfs up and down the board. One thing’s for certain, players are sure to get hit by fewer cruise missiles now that their cost has been bumped up from 2,600 to 3,500. A full list of the game’s patch notes can be found on Treyarch’s site.

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