Google’s Phone app for Android may be getting a new name and icon

After redesigning the icons for Gmail, Calendar, and other apps, Google may soon launch a new icon for its phone app for Android, too.

A YouTube ad may have prematurely revealed a new multi-colored icon for the phone app along with a new name: “Google Call”. Spotted by a Reddit user (via 9to5Google), the ad highlights Google’s caller ID feature, saying, “Reliable caller ID lets you answer with confidence”.

Google Call new icon leak

Google’s phone app for Android is currently called “Phone by Google”, so Google Call would be a shorter name. And the new icon lines up with the other new icons that Google recently rolled out as part of its enterprise rebrand from G Suite to Workspace.

While the Phone by Google app isn’t an enterprise app, it’s possible that Google is planning to redesign its consumer-facing communication apps, too. This would help give all of these apps a unified look on Android devices.

Also of note is that the same executive that’s in charge of the Google Workspace apps that were recently redesigned is also the head of the Phone, Messages, and Duo apps for Android.

What do you think of this possible Google Call name and icon?

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