Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 tipped to have an under display selfie camera

Details on what Samsung has planned for the Galaxy Z Fold 3 have been light so far, but now a new detail about next year’s foldable has emerged.

Samsung is reportedly planning to use an under display camera for the Galaxy Z Fold 3. That’s according to ETNews, who say that the next Galaxy Z Fold will launch in the third quarter of 2021.

An under display camera would allow Samsung to avoid using a notch or a hole-punch camera, which it had on the original Galaxy Fold and the Galaxy Z Fold 2, respectively. This would give you more screen real estate on the main display and result in a cleaner look.

Today’s report says that Samsung is creating a special display design to get an under display camera into the Galaxy Z Fold 3. It will use wider pixel spacing on the part of the screen where the camera will be placed, which will help light to more easily pass through the display so that the camera has no problem taking photos.

It’s expected that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will be Samsung’s first phone with an under display camera.

Phone makers began using a notch on their devices to get slimmer bezels, and more recently many phones have moved to a hole-punch to reclaim some of the screen real estate that was taken up by the notch. The next step for many companies will be to implement an under display camera and get back even more screen space, but that could prove to be more difficult because they’ll have to develop display and camera tech that’ll allow for a camera to be placed under a screen but still function like you’d expect a normal camera to.

The Galaxy Z Fold 2 is one of Samsung’s most premium smartphones and so the next model could make sense as the first Galaxy device to have new under display camera tech. We’re definitely looking forward to seeing what a Samsung screen with an under display camera looks like and how that cam performs.

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