PS5 pre-orders on Amazon UK are shipping, but customers are receiving random items like a foot massager

November 19 was PlayStation 5’s launch day in the UK. Amazon started shipping pre-orders of the product, but customers are claiming the Amazon is shipping random items instead. Some PlayStation 5 (PS5) orders started shipping on Thursday but reportedly, they didn’t arrive, despite the seller marking them as delivered. Moreover, some customers claimed that their PS5 orders were substituted by the products they never ordered including a foot massager, cat food, and a coffee machine.

Freelance journalist Bex tweeted that Amazon UK had marked her PS5 order as “missed” at around noon Thursday, while the platform didn’t make any attempt to deliver the order. However, she received a parcel on the same evening. Surprisingly, it didn’t have PS5, instead, it contained an “unsolicited” air fryer. Following Bex’s post, several other Twitter and Reddit users came forward with similar claims. Furthermore, multiple customers said Amazon marked their PS5 orders as “delivered” without this actually being the case.

Another user claims that their PS5 pre-order arrived. They even received the PS5 box. However, it was empty inside. The Twitter user also claims that Amazon UK has been of “no help won’t replace it or anything. Heard multiple theft stories as well on Reddit.” Some other users have claimed to have had similar experiences to Bex where unexpected products turning up instead. One customer received a coffee machine while the other received a foot massager. Moreover, one of the pre-orders arrived with cat food in place of the PS5. Amazon posted the following reply to the cat food user’s complaint:

One customer informed Amazon of the fake delivery. The Twitter user went on to explain that Amazon told them to wait for 48 hours, after which the platform would either refund the customer or ship them a new one.

Via: Business Insider

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