Facebook are now funding the open source 3D creation suite Blender

In a move that’s sure to raise a few eyebrows, the Blender Foundation has announced that Facebook has joined the Blender Development Fund.

Facebook are joining as a Corporate Patron, meaning they will be supplying Blender with at least €120K/year or more. It’s not a small sum but for the likes of Facebook, it’s likely still money they found down the back of a sofa. Ton Roosendaal, Chairman of the Blender Foundation mentions, “We at Blender see this as another important signal of the industry’s willingness to migrate to open source, and contribute to open source’s continual improvement.”.

This money will go towards funding Blender developers to improve this excellent open source 3D creation suite. It does mean at this level that Facebook will be a bit more involved, as Corporate Membership gives companies the option to monitor what gets funded with their monies and access to speak to the Blender team directly.

Lots of companies are doing this now including NVIDIA, AMD, Unity and Epic Games at this same level. At lower levels you also have the likes of Microsoft, Ubisoft, Intel and more. Checking in on the Blender funding page, they’re now hitting €116,507 a month but it’s not clear if the Facebook monies has been added to it yet.

Learn more about Blender on their website. Free, open source, used by game developers, film creators and more.

Article taken from GamingOnLinux.com.

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