Cool gift ideas for the tech gadget lover who has everything

This tech gadget gift guide will impress the techy in your life.

What do you buy the techiest person in your life? You know, the one who always seems to have the latest gadget or gizmo before it hits the market. Don’t get discouraged. Our curated collection of fun and useful tech gifts and cool gadgets will make even the most tech-averse reconsider and the tech-savviest revel with excitement.


ToothShower water flosser

Image: ToothShower

Multitaskers will love incorporating flossing into their shower routines with the ToothShower. This ultra-efficient water flosser simply attaches to a showerhead–no battery or electrical outlet needed. Users select the best water pressure with the controllable dial, and then they are on their way to healthier teeth and gums. Along with a water flosser tip, the ToothShower comes with an irrigating dual-head toothbrush and seven-stream gum massager. Your teeth will thank you.

$100 at ToothShower


SideTrack attachable portable monitor

Image: Amazon

Working off two computer screens may be the norm in an office setting, but while working from home it could pose more difficult to accomplish due to space constraints and hardware accessibility. Not anymore. The SideTrack attachable portable monitor can turn a laptop into a dual screen with ease. The 12.5″ FHD IPS portable monitor securely attaches to the back of a laptop with device-safe metal plates. Users can choose between a Slide ($299.99) or Swivel ($349) version. SideTrack is compatible with most Mac, Windows, or Chrome laptops.



Furbo dog camera

Image: Amazon

Pet owners no longer need to worry about Fido when they’re away from home. The Furbo Dog camera keeps tabs on pets via a smartphone app. The device also includes two-way audio connectivity, a barking sensor, and you can even program it to dispense treats while you are gone. By the time you return, Fido won’t even know you left.

$200 at Amazon


Pocket DJ mixer

Image: Uncommon Goods

Host your own house party where you’re in charge of spinning the beats with the mini sound mixer from Uncommon Goods. Versatile and easy to use, the pocket DJ mini mixer needs no power source to work—just plug it into the headphone jack of your mp3 player, laptop, or smartphone. Unlike massive traditional mixing boards, this mixer’s pocket-sized proportions make it easy to carry from room to room.

$100 at Uncommon Goods


Tile Stickers

Image: Amazon

Can’t find the remote? What about your wallet or sunglasses? It happens to the best of us. Tile Stickers are here to help. These small adhesive bluetooth trackers stick to smartphones, remotes, or any other frequently misplaced gadget. When those items go missing just open the free Tile app and tap Find to locate the missing item. Tile Stickers come in a two-pack and are waterproof.

$38 at Amazon


Prynt Pocket instant iPhone photo printer

Image: Amazon

Don’t let your digital photos sit in a smartphone abyss. With the palm-sized Prynt Pocket instant iPhone photo printer right after snapping a photo you can print it. The device snaps onto your iPhone. With a simple tap it directly prints color or black-and-white photos in 30 seconds (Photos are printed onto ZINK Sticker Paper, which requires a separate purchase.). The Prynt app enables you to add a video inside your photos. Just hold the Prynt app over your photos to unlock the video clip. Another bonus: The Prynt Pocket can also be used as an iPhone case.

$100 at Amazon


3Doodler Create+ 3D printing pen

Image: Amazon

The 3Doodler Create+ 3D printing pen takes your doodles off the page and turns them into objects. To use, just plug in the 3D Pen, insert 3Doodler Create plastic, wait for the pen to heat up, and then you’re good to extrude. Heated plastic hardens almost instantly, so you can draw 3D structures freehand or on stencils. The 3D Pen comes with 15 colors of 3Doodler Create plastic refills and an activity guide book. The 3DOODLER app offers an additional stencil section with step-by-step interactive instructions.

$80 at Amazon

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