2020 Gift Guide: These clever gifts offer a little something for everyone

Well, 2020 has been a strange year, but I’m pretty sure Christmas is still on, and even if you’re not having the usual large gathering, you can still give and receive presents.

I’ll be featuring a different set of gifts each week for the next month or so.

This week we start with a half-dozen gift ideas that really don’t have much in common except for the fact I would really like to receive them as gifts.

WeatherFlow Tempest Weather System

What is it? This is a wireless, self-contained weather station that can be placed up to 1,000 feet from a base station in your house. It runs on solar power and has no moving parts. It beams information to your phone or computer. It will measure temperature, humidity, wind direction and speed, rain duration and accumulation, and barometric pressure.

Who is it for? Weather geeks like me. I’m usually the one people ask about upcoming forecasts because they know I pay attention to the weather.

What does it cost? $329

Where can I get it? weatherflow.com/tempest-weather-system, Amazon

Thermoworks Thermapen MK4
Thermoworks Thermapen MK4(Thermoworks)

Thermoworks Thermapen MK4

What is it? This is an instant-read probe thermometer that can show you the temperature inside a brisket in just a few seconds. The display rotates 360 degrees, and it’s also backlit. It’s accurate to 0.7 degrees, and it’s also waterproof. It will run 3,000 hours on its included AAA battery. Simply extend the probe to turn it on and fold it back into turn it off. It will also sleep if you leave the probe extended and wake up when you pick it up.

Who is it for? Anyone who is serious in the kitchen needs an accurate thermometer. The Thermapen is the gold standard.

What does it cost? $99

Where can I get it? Thermoworks.com, Meat Church BBQ Supply in Waxahachie

2020 Gift Guide iFixit Pro Tech Tool Kit
2020 Gift Guide iFixit Pro Tech Tool Kit(iFixit)

iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit

What is it? This is the tool kit you need to open and fix almost any computer, laptop, cellphone or other gadget. I’ve had this kit for several years, and I’d replace it tomorrow if I lost mine. Besides the 56 screwdriver bits, there are also all kinds of tools to help you pry open and repair your gadgets. All the tools are contained in a very slick wrap to keep everything in place.

Who is it for? If you are even remotely handy and like to fix your own stuff, iFixit makes the best tool kits.

What does it cost? $69.99

Where can I get it? ifixit.com

Moza MiniMX Foldable Smartphone Gimbal
Moza MiniMX Foldable Smartphone Gimbal(Moza)

Moza MiniMX Foldable Smartphone Gimbal

What is it? If you want to take your cellphone videos to the next level, you need a gimbal, which helps you hold the phone steady when it is not possible to use a tripod.

The Gimbal works with gyroscopes to keep your phone pointed in the right direction, and it has motors to smoothly pan it left, right, up or down. It’s powered by a rechargeable battery and can hold even the largest cellphones. It works with a free app to let you adjust the camera controls from the buttons on the handle.

Who is it for? Anyone who wants smooth videos from their phone.

What does it cost? $59 with the coupon code RVHJ86KS (valid through 12/15).

Where can I get it? Amazon

ChordBuddy Guitar Learning System
ChordBuddy Guitar Learning System(ChordBuddy)

ChordBuddy Guitar Learning System

What is it? This system is touted as the easiest way to learn guitar chords. You attach the ChordBuddy to the neck of most standard size guitars and you can play chords by holding down the buttons and strumming the strings. When you’re ready, remove that button and learn to play that chord on your own. It works on electric or acoustic guitars.

ChordBuddy also has a model for the ukulele.

Who is it for? Beginners and anyone who has trouble learning the chords on the guitar.

What does it cost? $49.95

Where can I get it? chordbuddy.com, Amazon

Ear Care MD Earbud Cleaning Kit
Ear Care MD Earbud Cleaning Kit(Eosera, Inc.)

Ear Care MD Earbud Cleaning Kit

What is it? We all wear earbuds or AirPods. Some of us wear them all day every day. How often do you clean them? Not as often as you should, I’ll bet. This is a cleaning kit for your buds. It includes alcohol wipes for the exterior and 30 squares of cleaning putty that you press into the open areas. The putty traps the dirt and wax and pulls it out, leaving your buds clean. There’s also a magnifying glass, a small brush and a carrying case.

Who is it for? Anyone with ears. I’m assuming we all know someone who lives in their earbuds.

What does it cost? $29.99

Where can I get it? EARcareMD.com, CVS, Amazon

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