Ubisoft Singapore MD stepping down after misconduct allegations

Hugues Ricour is stepping down as managing director of Skull & Bones developer Ubisoft Singapore after being accused of workplace misconduct — although he’ll remain at the French publisher in an unspecified role.

An internal email sent out by Ubisoft chief studios operating officer, Virginie Haas, obtained by Kotaku, said his departure is the result of a “leadership audit that was conducted in the last few weeks by our external partners [that] makes it impossible for him to continue in this position.”

Ubisoft’s director of publications Michael Beadle has since confirmed the news in a brief statement sent to Gamasutra, explaining that “Hugues Ricour is both stepping down from his role as MD and also leaving the Singapore studio, but will remain at Ubisoft.”

It’s unclear what position Ricour, who was accused of harassment and bullying by multiple anonymous sources speaking to Gamasutra earlier this year, will take at Ubisoft moving forward.

As for what this means for the Singapore studio, Haas’ email notes that the studio’s director of operations Matthew Thorpe and HR director Debbie Lee will work to “ensure a smooth transition in the interim,” and adds that a town hall meeting will be held to address the circumstances surrounding Ricour’s departure.

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