‘Starbuster’ is Filled With High-Speed, Acrobatic Beam Swordplay

Well, and gunplay, too. And grapple…play? There’s a lot of different ways to blast across the Mega Man Zero-inspired Starbuster, is what I’m saying.

Alpha is a sentient combat droid that isn’t super keen on hanging out with its creators any more, so it heads off into the countryside to enjoy a little bit of peace. Well, except, the opposite. You’ll be joining Alpha in battle against a ton of nasty robots, using its array of firearms (that you can collect with a little bit of poking around and exploring) and its beam sword to deal with anything that gives you a hard time. Especially that beam sword, as the game’s acrobatic swordplay will have you hopping around like a living buzz saw.


Alpha isn’t the only person who seems to have a problem with all of these robots. Cassie, a humanoid lizard, can freely aim with her beam, shoot a rocket-powered fist, and use a grappling hook to swing around stages to reach new spots. Her weapons are customizable as well, with each of them able to equip up to ten mods that will fiddle with how their weapons work. It offers a lot of opportunities to tweak how your offensive skills work, even in the demo that’s available now.

Starbuster is shaping up to be a fast, chaotic action game, if the robust demo is any indicator. I highly recommend giving it a shot if you dig this style of play.


Starbuster is currently in development, but in the meantime, you can grab a demo from this forum entry.

Thanks to AlphaBetaGamer for the tip about the demo!

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