Belkin’s new TrueFreedom Pro and UV Sanitizer bring freedom and bacteria nuking to wireless chargers

You know when you plonk your phone down on a Qi charger pad, but it’s ‘incorrectly’ offset by approximately 0.001mm and so doesn’t charge? Belkin does. Hence the Boost Charge TrueFreedom Pro (£149), which aims to bring FREEDOM! to device charging. In fact, with its 16 charging coils that intelligently work together, it’ll pipe 10W of fast charging to two separate gadgets placed on its surface, while two LED lights helpfully indicate how things are going. If your needs are more ‘kill all the germs’, check out the suitably named Boost Charge UV Sanitizer + Wireless Charger (£59.99) instead. This’ll only charge (and clean) a single phone at any given time, but you can pop smaller items inside as well, whereupon 99.99% of germs will be obliterated via the magic of UV-C. Which, take it from us, is an awful lot better than using a famous brand of bleach on your phone, wallet, keys and cards.

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