‘Ghost in the Pool’ Offers Unsettling Sights on a Haunted Swim

Ghost in the Pool takes players to the school swimming pool for a little nighttime dip. Shame the pool is full of all manner of disturbing, but striking black and white horrors.

If someone tells you that the school pool is haunted at night, maybe it’s better to err on the side of caution? I dunno. Beats seeing a ball of decaying bodies coming rushing toward you when you’re working on your backstroke. The school even knows about it and keeps the door to the pool locked when the sun sets, but because you’re teenagers, OF COURSE you’re going to break in and try to prove everyone wrong. This works about as well as you’d expect of any horror tale.

ghost in the pool

The pool isn’t haunted in just one way, too. There’s all kinds of messed up stuff lurking beneath the waves, like the aforementioned ball of bodies, to beings with twisted faces and distressing cat people. The game’s art style really makes these monsters look incredible, as something about their detailed, monstrous visages just pops when put alongside the clean faces of these normally cheerful (and living) teens. The monsters just feel so wrong when captured in this art style, and their designs definitely stuck with me after the game was done.

Ghost in the Pool is still in an Early Access state, so this is just a taste of the creatures to come, but it’s got me very interested (and maybe a little worried) about what else is waiting to snatch some dopey teens from the water.

Ghost in the Pool is available now (in an Early Access state) on itch.io and Steam.

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