Destiny 2: Beyond Light — Stasis grenades and the Born in Darkness quest

After finishing Destiny 2: Beyond Light‘s campaign, you’ve got more tasks ahead of you. There are bounties from Variks to help you earn Herealways Pieces. Likewise, there’s the Born in Darkness quest from the Exo Stranger. The questline will eventually let you obtain Stasis grenades and aspects to boost your new subclass. Here’s our guide to help you out.

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Destiny 2: Beyond Light – Born in Darkness quest

Destiny 2: Beyond Light‘s Born in Darkness quest is given to you by the Exo Stranger after you’ve completed the campaign. You should get attuned with the large pyramid fragment to finally obtain the Stasis subclass permanently.

The Exo Stranger will then give you a set of tasks that, in the end, will give you yet another quest. Due to multiple quest parts and rewards, I’ve split up this guide into a few pages. Click on the page below for the content that you need help with:

Note: The Aspect of Control is an entirely different questline that’s given to you after finishing Born in Darkness – Part 1. However, you’ll be visiting the same locations while destroying the Entropic Shards, so you might as well do some of these requirements when you can. You’ll get your first Stasis aspect that boosts the capabilities of your subclass further.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Born In Darkness Quest Guide Feat

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Born In Darkness Quest Guide Feat

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