Abstractanks is a fast-paced RTS with only one unit type out now on Steam

After being available for a long time on itch.io, the fast-paced RTS game Abstractanks with it’s unique take is now available on Steam.

This isn’t just a game moving from one store to another, it’s actually part of a huge upgrade for the game too. The 1.0 release came along with the Steam build, which added in a full 20-mission campaign to play through with each level having multiple challenges to master. Additionally there’s been plenty of minor polishing improvements.

I played quite a lot of this with the earlier builds and it is a lot of fun if you like strategy games, especially when they try to do things differently and this certainly does. Needing to capture territory, while you control hundreds of units at a time and try to spread across the map actually is quite challenging.

Feature Highlight:

  • Play short but intense multiplayer skirmishes with up to 16 players or AIs.
  • Beat the short, handcrafted single-player campaign and master tough optional challenges.
  • Capture spawn circles to quickly produce hundreds of units.
  • Use your map-control to collect and unleash game-changing power-ups.
  • Switch the only unit type between damage- and utility-mode.
  • Climb the leaderboards on procedurally generated maps in the endless horde mode.
  • Freely draw your units into any formation or split units with simple and intuitive controls.

Find it on Steam now or itch.io as before.

Article taken from GamingOnLinux.com.

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