A roundup of recent successful crowdfunding campaigns offering Linux support

As thousands of games release each year, it’s easy for many to go unnoticed and there’s always plenty crowdfunding on the likes of Kickstarter. Here’s a reminder of some finished campaigns with upcoming Linux games.

Here’s just a small slice of what became a success over the last month or so:

One Lonely Outpost – funded on September 29

One Lonely Outpost is a farming sim with a truly unique setting – a barren, alien planet which you must bring to life. At every turn you are faced with choices and challenges: will you grow genetically modified crops and face the consequences of fuzzy tomatoes and glowing cabbages, or will you go the organic route and painstakingly hand-graft different species of plants together?

Girl Genius – Adventures In Castle Heterodyne – funded October 3

A character driven, action adventure metroidvania game in 3D. You play as the main protagonist in the Girl Genius series, Agatha Heterodyne. Developed by Rain Games, creators of Teslagrad and World to the West. Your mission? Explore the mysterious Castle Heterodyne, and reclaim Agatha’s ancient birthright as a “True Heterodyne”.

A Fox Tale – funded October 8

A Fox Tale is a beautiful looking pixel art platforming adventure featuring a four legged protagonist named Eva, who is forced to take an unexpected journey. Explore and enjoy a world of wonder and horror, as you pass through your ever changing surroundings. However, the very nature of foxes means Eva is always cautious and this fox in particular has every reason to be…

Antimatter – funded October 15

Colonise planets, build cities on the surface and mine underground, build a space station, spaceships and explore a huge living galaxy in this ambitious sandbox 4X game with simulated physics and a fully destructible environment.

KAPIA – funded October 15

A 3D story-driven adventure unfolding in a funky apocalyptic universe. There’s a mysterious intelligent infection that has forced everyone underground, so one retired pilot and a strong-willed grandfather takes on the responsibility of ending the conflict, with plenty of help from his granddaughter.

Lonesome Village – funded October 17

Lonesome Village is a cozy, quiet town struggling to rebuild after a strange calamity wiped out their homes. Take the role of Wes the coyote and help bring this village back from the brink of destruction in a puzzle-filled life sim!

Scarlet Hollow – funded October 29

Scarlet Hollow is a choice-driven horror adventure game and visual novel brought to life by critically acclaimed graphic novelist Abby Howard. Visiting the dying Appalachian coal town of Scarlet Hollow for the funeral of your long-lost aunt, you soon find yourself embroiled in a generations-long mystery that threatens an entire town. Who lives, who dies, and how the story ends is in your hands.

Henchman Story – funded October 29

Henchman Story is a visual novel where you play as a beleaguered henchman working for a bumbling supervillain. A comedic take on the world of superheroes that revels in the ridiculous nature of its setting, and showcases a colourful, comic book aesthetic.

Johnny Lionface – funded November 4

Johnny Lionface is a story-driven action-RPG with a deep build and customization system. It includes 12+ playable and unlockable characters, each with their own playstyle, abilities and skins. The game features colourful locations, tons of enemies and bosses, all packed into a story with a lot of humour and personality.

Sunshine Manor – funded November 6

Sunshine Manor is the prequel to Camp Sunshine, a love letter to retro gaming and classic 1980s horror films. The game takes inspiration from movies such as From Beyond, Friday the 13th, and A Nightmare on Elm Street, while mixing gameplay mechanics from games such as the beloved – and long-running – The Legend of Zelda, Resident Evil and Silent Hill series.

Farmer Supreme – funded November 12

Farmer Supreme is a top-down pixel-art game that mixes exploration and adventure Zelda-style with a farming sim / Harvest Moon setting. Your main goal is to become the next Farmer Supreme, and to do so you need to find and plant all the cultivable crops in the world and level them up. Some crops will be hidden in secret areas, others will be guarded by creatures, some will be rewards from helping the townsfolk and some will be found in the depths of Big Bosses dungeons.

Thanks to crowdfunding offering developers a platform to get funding, and double-up as a form of marketing we’ve seen hundreds that have been released supported on Linux. There’s always a few that fail for a variety of reasons, but it’s largely been a good thing.

You can see multiple hundreds of finished campaigns on our dedicated Crowdfunding Page. There’s plenty of ongoing live campaigns right now too, you can view various articles using our dedicated Crowdfunding Tag too.

Article taken from GamingOnLinux.com.

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