Shortest Trip to Earth gets a second DLC expansion with new content

Shortest Trip to Earth, a roguelike spaceship sim that somewhat resembles FTL but with far more depth to it has a second expansion now available. Originally released in August of 2019, it later came to Linux officially in April of 2020.

The Old Enemies is the new DLC which adds in over 20 new enemy ships across 3 major new factions to the original game, so your short trip might end up quite a bit longer. There’s also a new playable ship, The Exception, which is a mysterious alien craft was excavated from a deep ravine on Mars full of advanced systems. Since the game is very much about exploration, there’s also a bunch of new planets and other interesting points to discover.

Here’s what to expect of the new factions you will encounter:

  • The Moralors – This civilization has built its foundational religion on the importance of sleeping morally, tentacles on the left side and tail on the right. Other ways of sleeping are considered deeply blasphemous to the god and immoral to Moralor civilization, thus obviously worthy of painful death. Fortunately, the Moralors are usually satisfied with verbal assurance of proper sleeping styles and positions.
  • The Phobians – A semi-primitive civilization that has indulged in stagnation of epic proportions. Your mere presence in their system means you are threatening “the Phobian family values, the children and small animals, and also creating a risk of fear.” – which again means you must pay for your disruptions or fight.
  • The Capitaalo – A quasi-primitive civilization obsessed with their ancient currency system and measuring things in money. The Capitaalo have only recently joined the galactic community with access to FTL travel. They are trading with the Rat Empire and claim that your presence in their territory will destabilize their financial markets, requiring you to pay for damages or fight their crude ships.

They also mentioned the base game also gained a set of new ship weapons & modules, released as a free patch update for all players.

You can pick up Shortest Trip to Earth on Humble Store, GOG and Steam.

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