Realpolitiks II

Realpolitiks II is coming on 18th of November so it’s time, to check out what the game looks and plays like! Watch this narrated gameplay video, where we play as Kazakhstan on it’s quest to become a world superpower!

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Realpolitiks II will launch in Early Access with all its planned content, featuring 208 contemporary countries to choose from, 2 scenario campaigns, many fully functional new features and mechanics introduced to the game compared to its predecessor, such as the new combat system and the intelligence mechanics. And not forget to mention the highly anticipated modding tool that will allow players to create their very own content and alter the game to their liking.

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Realpolitiks II - Dev blog - Warfare

Realpolitiks II – Dev blog – Warfare

Oct 30 2020


Realpolitiks II Dev Blog #6 is now live! In this issue we’re taking a closer look at one of the most exciting features of the game – Warfare!

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