YouTube Music adding shortcuts for activity-specific playlists, more personalized mixes

YouTube Music is rolling out two new features to help you quickly find the perfect music for your moods and activities.

The Home tab of the YouTube Music app will now show an activity bar with four featured activities: Workout, Focus, Relax, and Commute. Tap one of these activities and you’ll be taken to a page full of playlists suited for the particular activity you’ve chosen.

“You’ll also receive up to four new personalized Workout Mixes, featuring songs you know and love, as well as other great recommendations,” says YouTube.

Also rolling out on the Home tab is a new My Mixes section that offers up to seven new and distinct playlists that are personalized for you. Each playlist focuses on a “different corner of your music world” that’ll blend your favorite songs with new ones, and YouTube says that your My Mixes playlists are always updating to give you new listening experiences.

And then there’s My Supermix, which combines all of your music into one playlist when you’re not looking for a specific style and just want to hear all of the music you love.

YouTube Music apps are available on Android and iOS.

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