Smash up an office to find vermin hiding in the free game Perfect Vermin

A free game that lets you run around a seemingly empty office with a sledgehammer? Perfect Vermin is not quite what it seems as you hunt for some weird creatures. Originally released on, it’s now hopped on over to Steam to bring it to a bigger audience.

Your task is pretty simple: run through an office and smash up some tables. chairs, toilets and yes even the lightswitch can be smashed off the wall. The reason though? Well, there’s some kind of vermin posing as various objects. It’s like a game of prop hunt, only with a short narrative and a darker theme.

The actual smashing mechanic is ridiculously satisfying but it doesn’t last. The whole game is perhaps only 15-20 minutes long depending on how quick you are to spot things that are out of place. What it does with the setting and the whole idea of hunting props is great but it gets a little…weird. Good weird though.

After each section, things become a little different. Your “boss” adds in a timer, somehow speaking to you from their desk and then everything just gets warped. At one point there’s two of you, and you’re controlling both at the same time through these weird screens.

It’s thoroughly unnerving when you get through it, when you see all the little signs of things to come and then when the ending comes crashing in it’s something of a sobering experience. Definitely not the same game it starts out to be and well worth checking out when you have 20 minutes free.

Find it on and Steam.

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