iPhone 12 mini review from The Verge: “It’s not the best iPhone for most people, but it’s going to be a favorite for many”

Couldn’t have said it better.

I’ve been amazed for the past 4-5 years as phones kept growing larger, but hand sizes and pocket sizes have stayed the same. I never understood how anyone comfortably used the Plus models, going back to the 6. Let alone where do you stow away a phone that large? Perhaps if you carry a purse, but for men and many women there’s nowhere to put a phone that big when you don’t want to be using it or need both hands free.

And forget getting a large phone like the Pro Max models out of your front jeans pockets while sitting, if you somehow manage to fit it in there in the first place. I’ve always had to resort to standing up at the table in restaurants in order to retrieve my iPhone X out of my jeans pocket just to check a work email or answer a page. I mean, what good is a Pro Max camera if it’s so difficult to carry with you that it takes 10 seconds to actually get it out? Or is so heavy and unwieldy that you leave it at home during a hike, and just rely on your Apple Watch for basic communications and fitness tracking? Now you’ve spent $1300 for a great camera that’s not even with you when you’d actually want to use it.

Sure, there are times when having a large screen with more room to type, less to scroll, and a more desktop-like viewing experience is convenient. But that’s what an iPad is for. What about when you’re on a vacation, out at a park, or even just sitting a restaurant or bar, and want to put your phone away in your pocket because you’re busy doing something else? For years, there haven’t been mobile phones made for any of those situations that people regularly take part in (until this year, at least).

Not only do I look forward to my 12 mini arriving later this week. I couldn’t be more ecstatic that Apple’s influence on the industry may drive phone makers to reconsider the ever-growing sizes of smartphones and start working harder to integrate iPhone Pro-level cameras, reintroduce the telephoto lens, and better build materials into devices that are actually portable enough to carry with you.

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