Awesome Gifts to Buy a Musician

A music lover will likely already own musical instruments, but there are so many other options for music-related gifts. You will see their eyes light up when you share their love of music and surprise them with creative musical gifts.

You can fuel their passion for music by gifting stuff that enhances their music experience or teaches them something new about music altogether.

Below, we have made a list of awesome gifts to buy a musician to make gift hunting a little bit easier and a lot more fun for you.

Top 20 Awesome Gifts to Buy a Musician

Here are 20 ideas for awesome gifts to buy a musician that will have a lasting impression on them.


If you have often caught your musician friend with tangled earphones, you know exactly what they need. A true wireless headphone set, Reduxbuds will ensure that their music and earphones are in perfect harmony.

Blocking all external sounds is ideal at home, libraries, or gym. However, it’s not very convenient outdoors as you lose your sense of hearing, and that can be dangerous.

Reduxbuds save the day with their AI-powered Transparency ANC that smartly filters sounds. You can lose yourself in music while being aware of your surroundings.

The dynamic audio, ergonomic design, and one tap digital assistance make the Reduxbuds fit for all-day comfort. They are heaven for music lovers.

Holiday Favorites Advent Calendar Playlist

We often forget the season Advent and jump right into Christmas, missing out on the seasonal songs that can bring joy to your ears. You can add a little more fun to a musician’s holidays with a playlist of 25 seasonal songs.

The music lover in your life can fall in love with music once again while listening to this Holiday Favorites Advent Calendar Playlist. They can scratch off the smartphone-friendly QR codes to reveal covers of holiday classic songs.

Before you know it, you and your musician friend will be jamming to “Silent Night” in the holiday spirit and sharing a love for music.

Personalized Amp Doormat

If you are welcomed in a musician’s room with appealing music, why not get them a treat for the eyes too? A nice doormat, or perhaps a Personalized Amp Doormat with the name of their favorite band or album printed on it.

They can really show the world how much they love playing the guitar with a cool mat at their doorstep. Even if the visitors are not music enthusiasts, they will appreciate the stylish vintage design for sure.

Custom Song Wall Sculpture

What better gift for a musician than music that lasts for life? Kathleen Mordecai is a music lover and woodworker who creates sound wave artwork on wood. She can turn sounds into a stunning Custom Song Wall Sculpture for a one-of-a-kind gift to surprise your loved ones.

You can pick their favorite song, music chords, or a sound snippet and have it turned into an artistic wall sculpture. It will look elegant on any wall and immortalize music for the special one in your life.

Door Harp

Door harps were first inspired by the Chinese Feng Shui tradition of hanging bells on doors to keep the good energy in and bad energy out. They have been around for 700 years now.

Door harps effectively block out outdoor noises and fill the home with gentle melodies. Are you thinking what we are thinking?

A door harp can be the perfect gift for a musician that brings a musical charm every time the door opens or closes. According to tradition, it can wash away the sorrows of the day. Plus, the trio of soft notes can replace doorbells and knockers for good.

Birth Month Guitar Pick

There is no such thing as “too many” guitar picks for a guitarist. And since an artist appreciates all art forms, a lovely stone that combines beauty and music can make a wonderful gift for a musician.

Inspired by birth months, these GemStone Guitar Picks are beautiful works of art. With these plectrums, a guitarist can enjoy a good guitar jam and appreciate the aesthetics of the pieces.

The lovely smooth picks come in Red Jasper, Crystal Quartz, and ten other beautiful stones.

DJ Cat Scratching Pad

If your musician friend is also a cat lover, there is no cooler gift than a DJ Cat Scratching Pad. With this cardboard scratching pad, their cat can hone its claws while scratching some beats like a wannabe DJ.

The spinning DJ deck is adorned with cat paw prints, kitten faces, and joke band stickers, making it a treat for a musician who has a special place for cats in their heart.

Personalized Mixtape Pillow

Back in the ’80s and ’90s, mixtapes were a blessing for musicians. They would listen to the musically-coded love letter on walkmans. You can bring the old days back with a Personalized Mixtape Pillow, that looks like a retro cassette mixtape.

These comfy lumbar pillows make a soft headrest and a stylish accessory for the room. They can make an excellent gift for an ’80s loving musician.

You can personalize these pillows by getting a favorite song title, artist name, or their nickname printed on the front and back sides.

ALPINE MusicSafe Pro Earplugs With Case

Hearing is the most crucial asset of a musician, and it is the same sense that gets damaged most often. You can take care of your musician with Alpine MusicSafe Pro Earplugs that are designed to minimize hearing damage.

The key feature of these earplugs is the three different attenuation options that let you drop the sound just a few notches to a safe level. It also removes the damaging frequencies so you can hear the high-quality sound while talking to your music fellows without yelling.

We also love the AlpineThermoShape™ material of the earplugs, which molds itself to fit perfectly in each ear and stay in place for all-day comfort. You also get a storage case – your friend can keep your gift safe for a long time.

Turntable Cheese Board

For musicians, turntables are not just about music. It’s the whole experience with records, real liner notes, and cheese. Wait, did we say cheese?

Yes, we did. The Turntable Cheese Board is an old school turntable for foodies. The turntable-inspired cheese board features a slate platter and a slicer to serve cheeses while paying homage to turntables.

This gift can set the mood on the dinner table and is ideal for foodies hosting dinner parties for fellow musicians.

Marshall Amp-Style Key Holder

If you appreciate someone’s love for music, help them express it. This statement Amplifier-Style Key Holder will be a great addition to a musician’s home, workplace, or recording studio.

Marshall Amp-Style Holder comes with four plug keychains engraved with the Marshall M logo.

A hidden mounting bracket at the back makes it super easy to install. It will also make sure that the musician never misplaces his keys ever again.

Pick-a-Palooza Guitar Pick Punch

If guitar picks don’t impress you, gift a guitar pick puncher so the guitarist can make his own customized plectrums. It is a creative gift for people who are extra creative or eco-conscious.

Using the Pick-a-Palooza, the guitar players can punch as many picks as they like and use recycled materials to reduce their carbon footprint.

Cassette USB Flash Drive

This adorable Cassette USB Flash drive is shaped like a mixtape, catching the vintage style of a cassette without the hassle of the ribbon.

You can fill the flash drive with your friend’s favorite music and surprise them with an old-fashion mixtape that doesn’t need a cassette player.

It is one of many awesome gifts to buy a musician, and it can be super personalized. You can fill it up with whatever you like, write a message on top, and even turn it into a digital scrapbook by adding videos and photos.

After they have heard the mixtape, they can refill the drive and customize it once again.

Clip-On Tuner

Let’s be honest. Every musician needs a tuner no matter which instrument they play. The TourTech Clip-On Instrument Tuner is a color screen tuner that works with guitar, bass, violin, ukulele, and more.

The backlit color screen of the tuner makes it very easy to read. Its screen rotates to a 360 degree for a good viewing angle. The tuner can make an excellent present, especially for musicians learning to play string instruments.

Wooden Music Box

Some music lovers create their own music, and this Wooden Music Box is specially designed for that purpose. You simply have to write out a song, punch in the notes using the hole punch, and turn the side shaft to play music. The music will follow your fast or slow rhythm.

You can also use a thicker paper to create music paper and write your musical notes on it. Then, you can store the papers in the top compartment of the box.

With this gift, amateur musicians can learn songwriting skills, and the experienced ones can create some intricate melodies.

It is a gift for all ages and a very unique one too.

Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator

Teenage Engineering PO-33 Pocket Operators are ultra-portable music-making machines, and they are fun to use. The operator is a micro-sampler, synthesizer, and sequencer.

You record samples in eight melodic slots and play them chromatically or in a one-shot. Someone who has an ear for music can have more fun, and layer drum sounds over their sample recordings to create cool music.

Your special musician can use this for personal listening or connect it to a speaker to share his music with the whole room. This gift will even work for musicians who don’t sing.

Echo Dot Smart Speaker

If a musician loves to share their music with an audience, a smart speaker can make a fantastic gift for them. The Echo Dot is a convenient addition to a music lover’s home or studio and allows them to voice-control their favorite music.

The sleek, smart speaker gives the user hands-free control over Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, and more. They only have to ask for their favorite song or artist, and Echo Dot will handle the rest. Or they can let Alexa pick the music for them.

With Alexa, the device also controls smart home devices, makes calls, and sets alarms. You can also customize Echo Dot for the musician’s room with the optional colored cases.

This Is Your Brain On Music By Daniel Levitin

A book about why humans love music can be a fascinating read, especially for people who create music. In the book, the author Daniel Levitin delves into the human nervous system and the psychology of music.

This Is Your Brain On Music is a perfect read for anyone who wants to explore music more deeply. Books are always a good gift, and this one is an interesting read for music lovers of all ages, no matter their skill level and music style.

Concert Tickets

Listening to your favorite band on your iPod is good, but singing along with that band at their concert is a music lover’s dream. So, buy your musician partner tickets to see their favorite band, and you might get invited by them too.

You can even buy tickets for virtual concerts nowadays, to provide your musician friend an opportunity to enjoy their favorite music without leaving home in this post-pandemic world.

This gift is a great way to share their love of music and create unforgettable memories with them.

Vinyl Record Coasters

This set of six coasters in a gift box looks like real vinyl records down to every little detail. The coasters have rubber bottoms to protect the tabletops. The top has bright detailing to add a pop of color to the table.

These colorful coasters can be a good conversation starter for music partners and a perfect table accessory for music parties.

Wrap Up

There you have it – our top 20 picks for awesome gifts to buy a musician who has a special place in your life. These creative gifts can brighten up their day and be useful for them in their everyday lives.

It’s time to spill some creativity and surprise your music lover with your original taste!

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