Warframe is being enhanced for the PS5 with dynamic lighting and more

Fans of the looter shooter genre that contains games like Destiny 2 will likely have heard of Warframe, a very popular free-to-play title that has earned a sizeable playerbase in its years of continued support and evolution. Now, a new chapter for Warfame is starting, with the announcement form Digital Extremes that Warframe is coming to the PS5. With a free update coming later this year, expect a host of various visual and performance improvements that you can get a sneak peek at with the new trailer down below.

Warframe plans to fully support Sony’s powerful new Playstation 5 console by upping the ante with improved textures, a sharp 4K resolution running at 60fps, dynamic lighting with improved shadows and ambience, and much faster load speeds powered by the PS5’s impressive internal SSD. All of this means Warframe will look and run way better on the PS5 than it already did on the PS4.

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More than that, though, Warframe intends to support PS5-specific features and UI experiences by tragging your progress through missions and challenges, supporting Activities in-game, and taking advantage of the insane haptics and Adaptive Triggers of the DualSense controller.

The PS5 launches in just a few weeks, starting on November 12, and Warframe should be playable on the new console day one. However, Warframe’s next-gen enhancements and upgrades will be coming later this year, according to Digital Extremes. In the meantime, make sure you’re fully prepared for PS5 with one of the best PS5 headsets in 2020.

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