iPhone 12 Pro beats Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra in speed test comparison

The iPhone 12 Pro and Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra are two of the biggest phones of 2020, and today they’re facing off in a speed test.

A video shows the iPhone 12 Pro and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra going head-to-head to see which device can load the same set of apps more quickly. The test from PhoneBuff shows apps like Facebook, Starbucks, Word, Snapseed, Adobe Rush, Hulu, and several games being loaded up on each device, and some also include a task like opening a document or editing a photo.

The two phones start out similarly, but then the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra takes the lead with Microsoft Word. The iPhone 12 Pro then pulls ahead after loading up Adobe Rush and rendering a project and doesn’t let go of its lead from there.

The iPhone 12 Pro ends up completing the first “lap” of opening all the apps in 1 minute and 41 seconds while the Note 20 Ultra finishes in 1 minute 55 seconds. We then see the iPhone 12 Pro re-open all those apps that are running in the background in 42 seconds while the Note 20 Ultra takes in 46 seconds.

PhoneBuff notes that it’s been 20 months since an iPhone was the fastest device in their speed test.

The iPhone 12 Pro and Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra are well specced devices, with the iPhone packing Apple’s newest A14 Bionic processor while the Note 20 Ultra has Qualcomm’s flagship Snapdragon 865 Plus. One big difference between the two is RAM, with the iPhone packing 6GB while the Note 20 Ultra has 12GB. Despite that difference, the iPhone 12 Pro came out ahead in this speed test, likely helped by Apple’s control over and integration of hardware components like its chip and the software.

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