How to Increase Wi-Fi Speed on Android and Internet Download Speed

Do you know how to increase Wi-Fi speed? Sometimes we come across situations that lead us to nowhere because of the slow internet speeds that we are getting. Trust me! There is nothing good about a sluggish internet.

How to Increase Wi-Fi Speed

How to Increase Wi-Fi Speed

I would rather pick, ‘no internet’ over, ‘slow internet’. And the slow speeds, whether while browsing or downloading, both are annoying. There are several reasons for not getting the optimal internet speeds that you want.

On Android phones, it might be because of some internet eating tasks, improper modem calibration, improper signal reception, and what not! We’ll discuss How to Increase Wi-Fi Speed on Android and Internet Download Speed. Let us dig deeper into the issue and find results.

How to Increase Wi-Fi Speed

There can be ‘n’ number of ways by which you can increase the speed of your internet on your android device. There are some settings that you can manually tweak; you can use some apps to enhance the connection quality and even close some of the ‘internet eating’ apps to minimize the bandwidth consumption. Here are some of the fixes.

First and Foremost, Check Your Internet Connection Speed

How to Increase Wi-Fi Speed

Yes, if you aren’t aware of the specs related to your internet connection there will be no point in moving ahead. I would recommend you use Okla Speed Test. You can either visit their website, or you can download the app from the Google Play Store.

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Okla runs a comprehensive speed test of your internet connection by giving you the ‘ping’ details. It’ll download some file and then upload back to their servers and access the download and upload rates you got. You can choose to view the download and upload speeds in MBPS or kbps.

How to Increase Wi-Fi Speed

After you’ve to know your internet speed, we will move further to perform some tweaks to enhance the downloading speeds.

How to Tweak Some Settings on Your Android Phone to Increase the Download Speeds

Just know that the bandwidth your ISP has set limits your download and upload speeds. We can’t do much about it, except if ‘upgrading to a faster plan’ is an option. Let’s say that you are not going to upgrade your data plan and now you are left with your phone alone, thinking about what you can do to get the maximum speed (maximum, what your ISP is providing). Here are some tweaks that you can perform.

Clear Cached Data

Sometimes it is not the internet connection that is slow; it is that Android phone which has become slower with time, imparting this illusion that your download speed is slow. Cached data is helpful for the apps to make them run smoothly. You need to clear the cached data at regular intervals as the accumulation of cached data in the internal memory may slow down your Android phone.

Go to the settings of your phone and then to the storage, and clear the cached data from there.

Uninstall Unwanted Apps

There are several apps that we haven’t used even once after they have been installed on our device, right? These apps not only take up a lot of space on the phone’s memory but also, hijacks your internet download speeds to send push notifications and download their data too often. The first need to identify all such apps, and the best possible shot is to remove them. One of the easier ways also is to use the UnApp app. You can uninstall multiple apps and that too without having to root your device.

You might want to argue that, we are getting the ‘force close’ option, so why not kill such apps? You can’t kill any app permanently. The app will return to the memory and will go on proceeding with the tasks it was performing already.

Browser Selection

There are several browsers available on the Google Play Store that have this functionality to compress the page size. These browsers deliver the pages only by eating up a very less part of your internet bandwidth. You can use Opera Mini Browser, UC Browser, and now even the Google Chrome Browser allows you to browse and download stuff using the ‘data compression’ method.

But, the only downside is the bloatware that you receive with Opera Mini and UC Browser. Chrome comes clean, but the data compression is not that effective.

Managing the Signal (if on Mobile Data)

Always, make sure to choose the highest or the fastest network available. Go to the Settings, then Wireless & Networks and then choose WCDMA Preferred. This will ensure that you’ll either be on a 3G network or a 4G network (whichever is available at that moment). It’ll ensure you get the maximal speeds.

Using Network Booster Apps

Do you feel the question “how to increase Wi-Fi speed?” is troubling you? There are several apps available on the Play Store that claims to boost the network signal strength. Here are a few apps that work.

Wi-Fi Analyser

How to Increase Wi-Fi Speed

Wi-Fi Connect Easy

Free Internet Speed Booster

How to Increase Wi-Fi Speed

All of these apps offer almost similar functionality to analyze and boost the internet speeds, give them a try and let us know in the comments down below with your results.

Final Words

By following all of the methods mentioned above, you can get at least a boost of 15-20% in the download speed on your Android device. You can’t change the bandwidth that your ISP if offering. We would’ve included another method that uses a ‘Virtual Private Network’ and lets you choose servers from different countries, but the VPN method is somewhat insecure.

Don’t forget to drop in your views on how to increase Wi-Fi speed?

Note: Take proper precautions before making any changes or following any steps. We aren’t responsible for any damage to your data or devices.

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