Space Station Tycoon

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After a successful Kickstarter campaign, months of development, and a lot of caffeine, our passion project Space Station Tycoon is finally live on Steam! This is huge news for us because we can finally say without a doubt that the game is not only playable but also really fun.

About the Game

The year is 3000, humanity is all over the galaxy and the economy is booming. It is time to take action by building your very own space station in a star system far, far away. Building and managing a space station in a distant star system isn’t an easy task to achieve, that’s why you should do your best to attract customers and get them to spend money.

There are lots of wandering pilots across the whole galaxy looking for a space station. Each has their reasons, be it to repair and refuel their ships or maybe just to relax and have some fun. Even though what they each look for in a space station is very different, there is one thing they have in common; they want to spend some money. In Space Station Tycoon you will expand your station by building lots of different stuff like docking bays, research facilities, and even casinos to attract every kind of customer you can.

Space Station Tycoon is inspired by its greatest ancestors of the “tycoon” genre. That’s why our main focus while making this game is always going to be its depth. We want the player to be able to control everything necessary from small things like fuel prices to intergalactic marketing budgets. With the depth it offers, Space Station Tycoon will surely deliver a true “tycoon” experience.

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Stay tuned for our upcoming 0.2 update.

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