Google says the Pixel 5’s display gap is nothing to worry about

Pixel 5 vs Pixel 4a 5GSource: Hayato Huseman / Android Central

Google’s Pixel 5 just launched last month to mostly positive reviews, but some news threatened to put a dampener on that. Some Pixel 5 owners reported their phones had a gap between the display and the body, leading to build quality and durability concerns. Some buyers even returned their phones only to find the gap present on their new device.

After doing some investigation, Google says that it’s nothing to worry about. Writing on the original complaint thread, a Google community specialist said:

We’ve had a chance to investigate units from customers and, combined with our quality control data from the factory, we can confirm that the variation in the clearance between the body and the display is a normal part of the design of your Pixel 5. There is no effect on the water and dust resistance or functionality of your phone. We will work with customers on an individual basis to address any concerns they may have

So while we still have no idea how many Pixel 5 phones this affects, it’s probably not going to be an issue if your phone has one. If you still have concerns about the Pixel 5’s build quality and liquid resistance, a teardown done this week on YouTube shows that you have little to fear in that regard.

Google’s best handset of 2020 may have its flaws, but it seems that poor build quality isn’t one of them.

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