Google responds to Pixel 5 display gap issue, says it’s ‘normal part of the design’

Remember how some Pixel 5 phones are coming out of the box with a gap between their display and body? Well fast-forward a couple of weeks and we’ve finally got an official Google response on the matter.

Google says that the gap that some Pixel 5 owners are seeing between their phone’s display and body is a “normal part of the design” of the phone (via 9to5Google). A major concern among those affected is that this gap could allow water or dust into their phone, but Google has said that there’s “no effect on the water and dust resistance” of the devices.

If you’ve got a Pixel 5 with a display gap and you’ve still got concerns about how it may affect your phone, Google says it’ll work with you on an individual basis.

Here’s Google’s full statement on the display gap affecting some Pixel 5 units:

“We’ve had a chance to investigate units from customers and, combined with our quality control data from the factory, we can confirm that the variation in the clearance between the body and the display is a normal part of the design of your Pixel 5. There is no effect on the water and dust resistance or functionality of your phone. We will work with customers on an individual basis to address any concerns they may have.”

It’s good to hear that Pixel 5 phones affected by this display gap issue won’t be more susceptible to water or dust, which was a major concern when we first learned about the problem. Still, some Pixel 5 owners may be upset if they pull their $700 phone out of the box and see that it has a gap between its screen and body. Google does say that it’ll work with those affected, so perhaps you’ll still be able to get a replacement if your Pixel 5 does have a display gap and it bothers you.

Pixel 5 display gap

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