The new Gungrave game is still alive, here’s a new brief look at it

This is still on my most-anticipated list

In case you missed it, developer Iggymob gave us a detailed look at the new Gungrave game (that’s still scheduled to be released on PS4 by the end of this year in Japan). Yes, I said “new Gungrave game.”

Despite the misstep with the VR release, Gungrave G.O.R.E is decidedly not a VR game, nor is it a retread. Instead, it’s the first major release in the series in many years, following the 2002 release of the PS2 original and the 2003 anime that started it all. It’s a monumental moment for fans, like if the Trigun game Planet Gunsmoke was suddenly revived out of the blue. In the tease we get to see Beyond the Grave himself (albeit with his back to us) facing down an Orgman enemy, as well as a new look for the Death Hauler coffin weapon.

But is this thing actually coming out by the end of the year? And what about a potential PS5 release, given that so much has changed since we had our last development update? Well, we still aren’t getting more info on that just yet; as the official Twitter account for the game asked people to stay tuned.

Uh, I think I will. Given how little pure character action games are released these days, I’m going to follow it until the end.

Gungrave G.O.R.E [Twitter]

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