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Solve puzzles with horror!

The story of game is set on a mysterious space cruise ship, Neon Castle, in which robots fight each other for the future technology. In order to prevent the Earth from falling into destruction by future technologies, you need to overcome the obstacles along the way and discover the truth behind a series of conspiracies. And beware of those robot, are they friendly or vicious?

TechnoTsunami Atrium

Enjoy the clash between the past and future

· The space cruise ship is scattered with all kinds of advanced technology from the future. If you have seen the movie Back to the future , you will get it.
· During exploration, players will face different factions and encounter the Weavers and the Purifiers. Stay focus and keep calm.
· What happened on the Neon Castle is hidden behind the complex puzzles. You will discover the scheme behind the story will solving puzzles.

TechnoTsunami Jazz Club

Loneliness in the Space

· The story is taking place in the space, you could have a view of the galaxy through the window. Later on, players will be able to get on the deck and feel the space around you.
· The machines rumbles in the background, red neon light irradiate the corridors plus a feeling of strangeness and punk create this thriller atmosphere all for you to explore.

TechnoTsunami Olympia Bridge

TechnoTsunami Olympia

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