Get 25% Off CBD Deodorant and Other Clean, Vegan Lifestyle Products in Kopari Beauty Sale

Kopari Beauty CBD Deodorant | $14 | Ulta Beauty

Kopari Coconut Melt Mini (Moisturizer & Makeup Remover) | $14 | Ulta Beauty

Kopari Coconut Calming Rose Toner | $19 | Ulta Beauty

It seems like you can get CBD in almost anything, but deodorant is kind of a new one to me. Today, Ulta has a sale on Kopari’s CBD deodorant ($14) as well as its full line of beauty and hygiene products— everything is 25% off.


All of Kopari Beauty’s products on sale are vegan, cruelty-free, and clean— meaning they are free of synthetic fragrances, silicone, parabens, and other less desirable ingredients. So you get that peace of mind at no extra cost. The CBD deodorant includes whole-plant CBD powder and 100% organic coconut oil, so it is made to be suitable for sensitive skin. It’s normally $18, so this is a great chance to try it for a discounted price.

The coconut calming rose toner is normally $25 but you can snag it for just under $19 today. Kopari also has this multi-functional and popular product called coconut melt ($14), which can be used to remove makeup, moisturize skin, as a hair mask, and other uses as detailed on its product page.


If you can’t decide, you can get a Kopari Beauty Coconut Faves Kit for just $30 right now. Or, check out all the sale items here.


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