Did you buy an LG Wing?

Finding the best possible solution for getting more done on our smartphones has become an important puzzle for smartphone manufactures and designers to solve. Our smartphones have become so capable that the people behind those devices believe they need to come up with ways for us to handle more tasks all at once, rather than just getting one thing done at a time. And obviously that’s good news for some folks out there, because multitasking is probably just as important to some users out there in the wild as it is to the designers.

It used to be just a software problem, with split-screen made capable on our smartphones with giant screens. And these days it’s definitely tackled from both software and hardware. It’s 2020 and now we have foldable devices, smartphones that can open up to be tablets, and dual-screen devices that make getting stuff done easier, but also just a bit more fun, too.

Plus, smartphone design is starting to get a bit wild again.

I’ve said in the past that I used to love some of the smartphone designs from years ago. The phones that swiveled and flipped and whatever else. Designs used to be pretty crazy back in the day, and it was exciting to see what new creation designers and manufacturers were launching. That kind of took a backseat when we adopted the glass slabs (thanks iPhone!), but even though those glass slabs are still the dominant design choice for folks out there looking for a new phone, companies like Samsung and LG and others are definitely starting to have some fun with design again.

Of course, it’s not just about making something so crazy it makes people stare at it. It also has to bring something to the table to make it worth actually using. LG’s answer to that is the Wing, a smartphone you can buy from Verizon right now that offers a new swivel design. The front display measures in at 6.8 inches, while there’s a smaller 3.9-inch screen that’s revealed once the larger display is swiveled out of the way. The T-design is distinctive and absolutely stands out, and some of the use cases I’ve seen from folks who have the phone now are interesting.

Is it better than a foldable phone? Or even a dual-screen handset like the Duo from Microsoft? Well, that’s up to the individual. But the LG Wing is not as expensive as some of those other options out there, either, coming in at “just” $999. The LG Wing has a lot working in its favor, including a pop-out selfie camera, solid displays, and other worthwhile specs.

My question is: did you buy it? Or do you know anyone who is using the LG Wing as their daily driver? And if you did buy the handset, what about it made you consider it? If you decided to skip the LG Wing, what about the handset turned you off? Let me know!

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