Small Call of Duty: Warzone patch nerfs JAK-12 shotgun, takes out Durable Gas Masks

By Sherif Saed,
Thursday, 29 October 2020 09:53 GMT

You may have noticed a small update for Call of Duty: Warzone earlier today.

Infinity Ward has released a new update for Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare. The patch primarily disables a couple of items/modes while the developer fixes recently discovered exploits.

The biggest changes, however, come to the JAK-12 shotgun, which has been a little controversial due to how powerful it is. Those who hated running into the JAK-12 will be happy to know that it got nerfed.

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For starters, the rate of fire with the FRAG-12 ammo has been reduced. Movement and ADS speeds with the JAK-12 Drum Mags equipped have also been cut. Infinity Ward even updated the FRAG-12 ammo description to indicate it’s made up of slug rounds, which might put a few minds at ease given its range.

The recently added Durable Gas Masks have been taken out of the game temporarily while a fix to a related bug has been properly implemented. Likewise, Snipers Only TDM, which only just went live with the playlist update, is also offline for now. Until it’s back on, you’ll find Gunfight Snipers Only in its place.

Read on below for the full change log.


  • Fix for an issue where the code for Bunker 3 wasn’t functioning as intended.
  • Fix for an issue with the Riot Shield that would only occur when players obtained the pumpkin head after getting 3+ kills (pumpkin heads are back on!)
  • Fix for an exploit in Zombie Royale.
  • Temporarily removing the Durable Gas Masks from Warzone.
  • Removing Snipers Only (TDM) while we fix a bug. We’ll be replacing this mode with Gunfight – Snipers Only (3v3).



  • Reduced movement and ADS speed on JAK-12 Drum Mags.
  • Reduced rate of fire on JAK-12 FRAG-12 ammo.
  • Updating the JAK-12 FRAG-12 ammo description to say ‘slugs’.

In case you missed it, the limited-time, Halloween-themed Haunting of Verdansk event will continue to be available until November 3.

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