Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 could still arrive in the first half of 2021

We have new information concerning the possible launch of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2. Previous rumors suggested that this device would be delayed until late 2021, but it seems that Samsung has figured out the way to launch this phone in the first half of 2021.

Last month, @DSCCRoss posted on Twitter that Samsung was going to delay the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 to late 2021. However, he once again talks about the device and possible launch times, as he believes that the phone will still manage to be launched in Spring 2021. He also explains that the device will not be ready in time to launch alongside the new Samsung Galaxy S21 series, which is rumored to launch as early as January 2021.

This could mean that Samsung will hold a special event for the launch of the Galaxy Z Flip 2, where we may also get to see other Samsung products. Let’s remember that the first Galaxy Z Flip was launched back in February in its 4G only version, while the latest version with 5G support was launched a couple of months ago.

The new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 is expected to feature both 4G and 5G support, and rumors also claim that it could arrive with the same price tag as its predecessor. And a previous leak at Geekbench suggests that it may come with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor and 8GB RAM, with 256GB storage space.

What about you? are you interested in getting a new Galaxy Z Flip 2, or do you think it’s still too soon to transition over to foldable devices?

Source SamMobile

Via Twitter

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