‘Murder House’ Sees a Violent Easter Bunny Stalk a News Crew

Murder House follows a news crew as they enter an abandoned home to chase a story. It’s not long before they’re the ones being chased, though.

The Easter Ripper has been executed for his violent crimes, so surely going to his old house to shoot a story about the grisly crimes shouldn’t be THAT big of a deal, right? Well, this sleazy news crew soon finds out that the killer might not be as executed as everyone would like when a bunny suit-wearing killer begins to hunt them down, tearing them up in some most unpleasant ways. Now, you need to find something to defend yourself with long enough that you (and maybe your whole crew) can make your escape.

Murder House

If the bunny killer hadn’t already tipped you off, the game is filled with B-Movie gore, ridiculous story, and absurd situations. It’ll also likely feel very familiar for fans of PS1-era horror, having you use tank controls to avoid getting a lethal, nearly-explosive bear-hug for our unsettling (but kinda cute) murderer. You can get access to some weapons, don’t get me wrong, but you’re not likely to survive too many run-ins with that scythe. So, maybe only go on the offensive as a last resort?

Murder House continues Puppet Combo’s stunning ability to bring 80’s slasher horror to video games (Planet of Bloodthirsty Santa might be one of their works that comes to mind right now). So, if you like something that can crack you up while also scaring you hard enough to leave you trembling, you’ve once more come to the right place.

Murder House is available now on Steam.

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