Love your dog? Hate its poo? Then Sanidoo

NEWS – I have a question for you dog owners out there. What is the worst part of walking your pooch? If you didn’t say picking up and carrying around their poo, then you and I need to talk. The act itself is never fun, and carrying around that bag of joy isn’t either. Enter the Sanidoo (love the name btw) Self Contained Pooper Scooper. This cool little tool allows you to scoop up Fido’s waste and bag it all at the same time. It’s all done with a trap, a tip, and a twist. Just attach a bag and pull the lever to pick up the waste. There’s even an odor control knob that seals off smells. And the best part, you don’t have to touch the bag until you are ready to dispose of it. The Sanidoo Self Contained Pooper Scooper comes with a starter set of 20 bags for $30.95. For more info on the Sanidoo or to purchase one for yourself, go to The Grommet.

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